I’m not BROKEN.

Suddenly when I am fixed,

People become mechanics,

and try to save me, when they

could have cured me,

and hurled me away from my thoughts;

road them like hurricanes,

in my head it always pours- with the rains,

of all my yesterdays.

Well maybe,

you know I’m human;

Not an appliance,

I am a star, put out of alignment,

If you’re going to judge me —

use the right analogy

You always think you have been there,

tell me what path you’ve lead,

and where it’s gotten you thus far.

Are you happy? on your happy pills?

In the raw how do you feel?

When you’ve faced your face,

for four straight days,

and told yourself,

all the secrets never said,

all the words you wish you never meant,

Oh NO it’s just not fair—

and then tell me you’ve been there.

Well maybe,

you know YOUR human;

No you’re not broken—

Not an appliance,

Just a star, put out of alignment,

If you’re going to judge me —

use the right analogy.


(by warmsummernight)
Done with you for life.

People say love should be easy,

Are they wrong or is it just me??

you told me I’m not your type;

you like them tan and thick not fat, just right.

Remember when I held you,

you even admitted it was true,

that you never deserved it,

now you say I’m not worth it…

You can’t turn back time,

and I wouldn’t want you to try—

and you can keep on the fight,

But I’ve turned off all the lights,

Cause there’s no way I’m going home tonight.

I’m done with you for life.

Sympathy has gotten me confused,

with empathy on top I’m completely screwed,

I don’t want your help, because when you do,

I’m the one who owes you.

Who are you to judge me?

Dismissing that I’m crazy—

Well that might be maybe,

but at least I never tried,

to deny the pain inside.

All I am is a dragged rag doll,

sowing the pieces from the fall.

Wishing wishes that can’t come true;

that it was even worth being with you.


The Dirty Russian. Polaroid 250. Fuji 3000.


The Dirty Russian. Polaroid 250. Fuji 3000.

Say it AGAIN.

I don’t want to hurt no more,

I don’t want to care no more,

Time I settle the score,

Time to take control,

No I wont give in to your ways,

No matter what words you say,

There was never any meaning anyway.

You know I refuse this abuse,

It’s been to hard to choose,

Is it love or is it hate?

I’m fucked either way.





I don’t want love no more,

It’s always been more like a chore,

cleaning up all your messes,

for what? what do I get out of this??

You teach me nothing but how to tell lies,

Your always bluffing, a coward in disguise,

so go on and say it again, say it again….





Say it again, SAY IT AGAIN,



Say it again….

I’m a bloody mess.

I’m a bloody mess.

Amor libero sit amet est et aliud non habeo ponendi.

You claim I’m to blame,

When whose the one playing games?

Instead of loving me like somebody you used to be,

Somewhere you lost my hearts key,

Swallowed it whole never to be seen,

and when you rapes anothers soul,

As if it were another one of your whores-

When years pass and each gets worse,

I find myself captured in this curse.

Some people call it love, I call it hate in the making,

because in after a while, what is there left to be making?

I already know the thoughts in your head,

I already know how you’d rather be dead…

All that lets me know, is I make you want to die,

Thus I too wish to end this life,

If it means I make you miserable;

Please hand me the knife.

I don’t want to keep hurting you,

I don’t know how I do these things

you claim I do to you..

Rubbed me so raw all that’s left is rough,

because I’ve never been good enough.

I’ll never have what you want, because you want everything,

and I’m sorry but that isn’t possible, your not a king,

your not entitled to anything; not even me.

At least you used to be, but now our love has died,

I would res-erect it but what is the point?

Why try? when all you speak is sweet lies.

Saying you love me, only to hurt me again,

Then I hurt you back because I can’t play pretend.

I can’t fend for your feelings they are your own to bare,

I tried to give you everything, now I am bare.

Because you’ve always said the worst things,

with conviction, I look in your eyes, dead-ication,

but for what? WYour so determined to death,

Maybe you don’t even know, that you always reap what you sow.

When we make love, I know it’s a lie, because when we stop—

I cry, knowing you want nothing more,

then this body of mine.

Let’s Eat People For Fun. (by ZOMBLAIR)

Fell In Love With A Girl Cover. (by ZOMBLAIR)

Soul Stealer.

truth be told I’ve seen much worse,

lies be said, I dream in a hearse.

truth be told I’ve sold my soul,

lies be sold I’ve stolen more.

Waking and baking with the morning sun,

hibernating hyper-actively just for fun.

The fat lady hasn’t sung, no she wont on our watch. 

Take a bite of forbidden fruit,

give these sins a second look,

and get hooked; on this hopelessness.

Motionless you’ve been moving,

forgive me for even noticing,

I shouldn’t name names,

so I’ll just keep on pointing;

& burning, burning bridges.

I’d rather swim to shore & take a chance,

after you; drowning don’t sound so bad.

Keep playing pretend but I grew already,

Imagination wet and heavy,

it hangs over my head when I’m all alone,

the smell of mildew reminds me of you.

ghost of me.

You are a little bit strange,

I’m a lot a bit deranged,

Maybe it’s a plan that we’re meant to be,

this way maybe?

ill will this forbidden fuckery,

that cursed us with such sweet misery,

and what a mythical mystery we’ve become,

what chaotic hate that we’ve grown to love—

and how I feel for your flaws so deep,

that it cuts me something divine; you seep,

into these wounds I consume you,

through these pains I do know you,

and now I invoke thee, for what are you?

without this that is ME.

Just a man with a camera trying to show off,

what you lack and what you wish you’d want,

but deep down you know I am the one you crave,

and you will until your dying day,

and maybe even after your in your grave,

in eternal sleep I’ll be forever in your dreams.

Thanks for the horns Nox Hyde. <3

Thanks for the horns Nox Hyde. <3